Freshly roasted Arabica beans to your doorstep


Our beans are hand selected and roasted to order. We recommend waiting 5 days from the roasting date on the package before consuming your 100% farm fresh Arabic beans. 


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Specialty Vietnamese Coffee


The secret to perfect cup of coffee is in the selection of the bean and the roasting. We use a 100 percent all natural process with no additives during growing or roasting. This is organic coffee and its freshest and finest. Most coffee in Vietnam is over roasted and 90 percent is a highly caffeinated Robusta bean. Our coffee will have bold flavor without burned taste. It won’t give you the jitters because we select only beans from local Arabica farmers and carefully roast light, medium or medium dark in small batches. We don’t sell a dark roast as we want you to experience specialty coffee the way it was intended. 

Langbiang Coffee Is Our Passion


We support the local farmers in Vietnam by cutting out the middle man. We purchase beans directly from farmers and process them within 48 hours. We cooperate with local cafes to accommodate coffee tours and to share our special roast with locals to specialty coffee lovers all over the world. Anyone can enjoy our specialty coffee and we are available wherever 100% certified organic Arabica beans are sold.